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Walk-In Environmental Test Chamber

The walk-in chamber is well suited for testing the storage, transport and usage of electronic products, auto components and raw materials under high-temperature and low-temperature environments.

Technical Parameters of Walk-In Chamber
Model WTH40 WTH60 WTH80 WTH120 WTH160 WTH180 WTH230 WTH290 WTH310 WTH390 WTH470
Nominal volume (m³) 3.9/3.4 6.3/5.5 7.8/6.8 11.7/10.2 15.6/13.6 17.5/15.3 23.3/20.4 29.2/25.5 31.1/27.2 38.9/34.0 46.7/40.8
Temperature range -60°C -100°C (-70°C -120°C /-70°C -150°C optional)
Humidity range 20%RH-98%RH/(20-85°C)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature deviation ±2°C
Humidity deviation ±3.0%RH(when humidity ≧75%); ±5.0%RH(when humidity≦75%)
Heat-up time 25°C to +100°C(120°C, 150°C optional)
≦25MIN ≦28MIN ≦28MIN ≦30MIN ≦31MIN ≦32MIN ≦34MIN ≦36MIN ≦38MIN ≦41MIN ≦45MIN
Cool-down time +25℃→ rated lowest temperature 30min -180min (depending on the model and configurations)
Internal size (mm) W 1800 2700 3600
H I type: 2100 II type: 2400
D 900 1450 1800 1800 1800 2700 3600 4500 3600 4500 5400
Temperature and humidity adjustment method BT(H)C balancing method
Environment temperature +5°C to +35°C
Protection system Galvanized steel sheets, temperature resistant insulation material, SUS304 stainless steel composite panels
Regulator Heater Nichrome fin heater
Humidifier Stainless steel heater, steam humidification or external humidification. Ultrasonic humidifier is optional
Fan Centrifugal fan
Refrigerator Mechanical compressor
Refrigerant R404a or R404a /R23
Cooling method When the lowest temperature ≥-25℃, mechanical water-cooling compression. When the lowest temperature ≤ -40℃, duplex water-cooling mechanical compression.
Controller Display 7.0 inch, TFT color LCD display
Control method Touchscreen micro-computer controller, integral windup PID
Auxiliary functions Malfunction alarm and possible solution, power-off protection, temperature protection, calendar timing, automatic diagnosis
Water supply Humidification system Multistage reverse osmosis water filtering system or water with an electrical resistivity ≥500Ωm.
Circulating cooling water Pressure: 0.32~0.45MPa, water temperature ≤30℃
Power supply AC 380V(±10%)V three-phase four-wire + ground wire / AC220V / AC110V 50HZ /60HZ
Power(KW) 20KW to 55KW(depending on the model and configurations)

1. Height: I type: 2100mm, II type 2400mm.
2. Above parameters are measured when the ambient temperature is +25℃ and circulating water temperature is +25℃.
3. The fluctuation parameter is tested in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 standard.
4. The above-mentioned products are designed with a humidifier.
5. The WT(H): WT series products have no humidity function.

GB/T2423.1-2008 Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods - Tests A: Cold
GB/T2423.2-2008 Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods - Tests B: Dry Heat
GB/T2423.3-1993 Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electric and Electronic Products - Test Ca: Damp Heat, Steady State
GB/T2423.4-1993 Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electric and Electronic Products - Test Db: Damp Heat, Cyclic
GB10589-89 Specifications for Low Temperature Test Chambers
GB10589-89 Specifications for Low Temperature Test Chambers
GB10592-89 Specifications for Low/High Temperature Test Chambers
GB/T10586-89 Specifications for Damp Heat Testing Chambers
GJB150.3 Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment - High Temperature Test
GJB150.4 Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment - Low Temperature Test
GJB150.9 Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment - Damp Heat Test
GJB899-90 Reliability Testing for Qualification and Production Acceptance
GJB1032-90 Environmental Stress Screening Process for Electronic Products

The duct structure of Walk-In environmental test chamber has gained a patent for invention. The duct structure ensures that the temperature in each testing area of the test chamber is uniform, thus guaranteeing higher test accuracy.
Oil separator and oil returning and shunting device: The oil contained in the high-pressure steam discharged by refrigeration compressor is separated to ensure safe and efficient operation of the refrigeration system. Oil returning and shunting device (Simplewell’s patented technology) is mainly used to ensure the long-term operation of compressor or operation in high temperature. It prevents compressor failure or shortening of compressor service life due to lack of oil.

  • Simplewell controller
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment range

Optional Configurations
1. Rotary dehumidifier/ polymeric membrane, with a lowest temperature/ humidity content of 5℃/5 %RH.
2. Built-in tempered glass door, easy to move
3. Water purification system, with automatic replenishment function
4. Recorder, save and print testing data
5. Ultrasonic humidifier/ high-pressure spray humidifier, providing continuous high humidity under extreme temperature
6. Dry air blow system, anti-condensation
7. Remote monitoring function, cellphone and computer supportive

Cooling Equipment

  • TECUMSEH fully hermetic compressor
  • BOCK inverter compressor
  • BITZER semi-hermetic compressor
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