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Automotive Reliability Test Equipment

    1. Car VOC Testing and Analysis SystemCar VOC Testing and Analysis System is designed for automotive design process, which provides standard testing environment or simulates a real environment to test volatile organic compound and odor for auto part samples and vehicle samples during early stage of new vehicle development.
    1. Automotive High Low Temperature Test ChamberThe drive-in vehicle test chamber attained a patent (No. CN103816947B) for its constant temperature and humidity design and air duct structure. Non-uniform heating will directly influence the final results of tests, like sunlight test and rotary drum test, the testing chamber fixes this problem.
    1. Automobile Dust Boot Test ChamberThe patented testing system is intended for testing car boots and transmission shafts.
      Temperature range -60-200℃
      Temperature deviation ±2℃
    1. Automotive CV Joint Fatigue Test ChamberThe CV joint test chamber complies with JB/T10189-2000 testing standards and reaches the testing requirements for room temperature durability test, high temperature durability test, high temperature and low temperature dynamic durability test, room temperature dynamic durability test and ozone aging test.
    1. Car Intercooler Thermal Shock Test ChamberThe testing chamber is mainly used in the intercooler thermal shock tests to see the durability of intercooler as well as test the impacts of alternating temperature on the welding performance and intercooler tubes.

The Simplewell reliability test equipment simulates possible natural environments for vehicles and components in order to test the damage and wear of materials and detect the gas emission under different environments. Main environmental variates are temperature, humidity, illumination, rain, sand, acid corrosion and vibration. Based on the test results, auto manufacturer can improve the vehicle property and quality.