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Environmental Test Chamber

    1. NTH Temperature Humidity Test ChamberThe temperature and humidity tester chamber is mainly used to test material properties under different environments, like high temperature, low temperature, dry environment, moist environment, etc. The test chamber is well received in the quality tests of electronics, appliances, communications.
    1. STH Environmental Test ChamberA wide application of the testing chamber is found in the quality tests of electronics, appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, construction materials, pharmaceuticals and aviation.
    1. Battery Charge Discharge Test ChamberThe constant temperature and humidity test chamber is most often used in the battery capacity tests of various cells, rechargeable batteries, etc.
    1. Low Pressure and Temperature Test ChamberThe high/low temperature low pressure test chamber is often used for military uses. Sometimes, the low pressure chamber simulates the high mountain environment for testing vehicles, computers, electronic components and packaging materials that need air transport.
    1. Faster Temperature Humidity Test ChamberThe faster temperature and humidity chamber is used to test the durability and structure of composite materials under transient high temperature and low temperature. According to the chemical and physical changes, manufacturers can improve the product properties.
    1. Two Zone Thermal Shock Test ChamberThe two-box thermal shock test chamber is a functional machine for reliability tests of various electronic products, components and materials. It provides high temperature, low temperature, and other types of temperature shocks to see the stability and durability of products.
    1. 3-Zone Thermal Shock Test ChamberThe three-box thermal shock test chamber simulates high temperature, low temperature and other environments and is often used in reliability tests for a variety of electronic products, components and materials.
    1. Walk-In Environmental Test ChamberThe walk-in chamber is well suited for testing the storage, transport and usage of electronic products, auto components and raw materials under high-temperature and low-temperature environments.
    1. Ozone Test ChamberThe ozone test chamber is intended for testing the anti-aging capacity of rubber and rubber products under an ozone environment. The testing process is in strict compliance with industrial standards, such as JISK6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431, GB/T7762 and GB/T13642.
    1. Solar Photovoltaic Environmental Test ChamberThe solar photovoltaic testing chamber provides tailor-made environments for your solar panels, photovoltaic cells, PV modules, PV inverters and more.
      Temperature cycling test: GB/T9535-1998 IEC61215 10.11 UL1703 Figure 35.1
      (Damp-cold test) humidity-freezing test: GB/T9535-1998 IEC61215 10.12 UL1703
    1. High Temperature Fire Alarm Detection SystemThe fire detection and alarm system passed industrial quality test for temperature-sensing alarm and complies with EN54-2 GB47816-2005 U1521 standard.
      Temperature range: 10-180℃
      Temperature increase speed: 0.1-30℃min, adjustable
    1. Environment Simulation Climate ChamberThe phytotron chamber is a kind of high-precision thermostatic equipment possessing illumination and humidification, leading to an ideal artificial climate experiment environment. The artificial climate experiment facility is used to grow plants, insects and small animals, culture tissues and breed microorganism.
    1. Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test ChamberThe benchtop temperature and humidity test chamber is appropriate to conduct various temperature and humidity tests on electronics, components and so forth.
      GB/T5170.2-2008 Inspection Methods for Environmental Testing Equipment for Electric and Electronic Products - Temperature Testing Equipment

Simplewell environment reliability test chamber simulates various possible natural environments, like rain, sand storm, acid rain, and provides corresponding temperature, humidity, illuminance, acid corrosion, vibration and more. Based on the final test results, the user can decide the performance, wear and aging of products and materials, thus helping improve the quality and property. An extensive usage is found in research and development of electronics, electrical engineering, armament, vehicles and materials, etc.