Ozone Test Chamber

Application of Ozone Test Chamber
The ozone test chamber is intended for testing the anti-aging capacity of rubber and rubber products under an ozone environment. The testing process is in strict compliance with industrial standards, such as JISK6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431, GB/T7762 and GB/T13642.

Technical Parameters of Ozone Test Cabinet
Model QL-150-40
Nominal volume (L) 262
Parameters Temperature range 25°C to +65°C
Humidity range < 60%RH
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature uniformity < 2°C
Temperature deviation ±2°C
Humidity uniformity +2% -3% R.H
Temperature increase/decrease speed 0.7-1.0°C /min
Ozone concentration 50-500PPhm(temperature: 40°C)
Strain rate of fixture 5%-45%(or customized)
Rotational speed of sample holder 1r/min(continuously variable)
Internal size (mm) W500×H600×D500
Temperature and humidity adjustment method Balancing method
Environment temperature 5°C to +35°C
Structure Air outlet and inlet on both sides, along with orderly-arranged sample holders, allowing for stable air flow and high uniformity
Materials Housing SECC Double-side galvanized sheet, plastic coated
Internal surface SUS304/2B stainless steel plates
Insulation PU foam + fiberglass
Regulator Heater Nichrome fin heater
Humidifier Stainless steel heater, water dish
Fan Centrifugal fan
Refrigerator Mechanical compressor
Refrigerant R404a
Cooling method Mechanical compression
Controller Display 7.0 inch, TFT color LCD display
Control method Touchscreen micro-computer controller, integral windup PID
Auxiliary functions Malfunction alarm and possible solution, power-off protection, temperature protection, calendar timing, automatic diagnosis
Water supply Water supply method Water pump
Water tank Draw type (in-house developed)
Water Electrical resistivity≥500Ωm
Power AC380V±10%V 50HZ three-phase four-wire+ ground wire AC220V / AC110V 60HZ

1. Nonstandard test chambers can be customized.
2. Above parameters are measured when the ambient temperature is +25℃ and circulating water temperature is +25℃, without sample.
3. The temperature fluctuation is tested in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 standard. For GB/T5170.2-1996 standard, the fluctuation is ±0.5℃.
4. The above-mentioned products are designed with a humidifier.
5. The entire test is conducted in accordance with GB/T7762-2003 standards.

GB/T7762-2003 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic. Resistance to ozone cracking. Static strain test
  • Simplewell controller
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment range

Optional Configurations
1. Rotary dehumidifier/ polymeric membrane, with a lowest temperature/ humidity content of 5℃/5 %RH.
2. Built-in tempered glass door, easy to move
3. Water purification system, with automatic replenishment function
4. Recorder, save and print testing data
5. Ultrasonic humidifier/ high-pressure spray humidifier, providing continuous high humidity under extreme temperature
6. Dry air blow system, anti-condensation
7. Remote monitoring function, cellphone and computer supportive

Cooling Equipment

  • TECUMSEH fully hermetic compressor
  • BOCK inverter compressor
  • BITZER semi-hermetic compressor
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