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Solar Photovoltaic Environmental Test Chamber

The solar photovoltaic testing chamber provides tailor-made environments for your solar panels, photovoltaic cells, PV modules, PV inverters and more.

Temperature cycling test: GB/T9535-1998 IEC61215 10.11 UL1703 Figure 35.1
(Damp-cold test) humidity-freezing test: GB/T9535-1998 IEC61215 10.12 UL1703
(Damp-heat test) humidity-heating test: GB/T9535-1998 IEC61215 10.13 85℃/85% continuous 1000h

  • Simplewell controller
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment range

Optional Configurations
1. Rotary dehumidifier/ polymeric membrane, with a lowest temperature/ humidity content of 5℃/5 %RH.
2. Built-in tempered glass door, easy to move
3. Water purification system, with automatic replenishment function
4. Recorder, save and print testing data
5. Ultrasonic humidifier/ high-pressure spray humidifier, providing continuous high humidity under extreme temperature
6. Dry air blow system, anti-condensation
7. Remote monitoring function, cellphone and computer supportive

Cooling Equipment

  • TECUMSEH fully hermetic compressor
  • BOCK inverter compressor
  • BITZER semi-hermetic compressor
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