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Steam Aging Test Chamber

Technical Parameters of Lifespan Test Chamber
Model PCT-2350 PCT-350 PCT-450 PCT-650
Internal size (W×H×D)cm ¢250×300 ¢350×400 ¢450×500 ¢650×600
External size (W×H×D)cm Depending on the design
Internal surface SUS stainless steel
External surface Plastic coated
Temperature range +100℃ to 132℃(or 147℃)
Humidity range 65% to 100%RH
Machine type Standard pressure
Humidification system Electric heating tubes
Water supply Manually add
Pressure range 0~2kg/cm2(or 3kg/cm2)
Power supply AC 380V(±10%)V three-phase, four-wire + ground wire / AC220V / AC110V 50HZ /60HZ
Temperature uniformity ±1.5℃
Max. bearing pressure 6kg/cm2
Temperature controller Touchscreen controller
Pressure display 0 to 4kg/cm2
  • Simplewell controller
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment range

Optional Configurations
1. Rotary dehumidifier/ polymeric membrane, with a lowest temperature/ humidity content of 5℃/5 %RH.
2. Built-in tempered glass door, easy to move
3. Water purification system, with automatic replenishment function
4. Recorder, save and print testing data
5. Ultrasonic humidifier/ high-pressure spray humidifier, providing continuous high humidity under extreme temperature
6. Dry air blow system, anti-condensation
7. Remote monitoring function, cellphone and computer supportive

Cooling Equipment

  • TECUMSEH fully hermetic compressor
  • BOCK inverter compressor
  • BITZER semi-hermetic compressor

The detection system and detection method are suitable for various test chambers for different temperatures. According to the specific needs for testing, users can control the heating power to realize rapid warming. The temperature difference can also be accurately controlled. Steam aging test chamber features fast heating rate, small temperature difference and high detection precision.

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