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VOC Environmental Test Chamber (Sampling Bag Method)

The operation of sample bag type VOC test chamber. First, put materials and products or samples in the testing chamber. Then, adjust the chamber environment, like temperature and humidity, according to actual demands. Finally, take samples from the sampling bag. By adopting appropriate method, the operator can then analyze the gas sample and find out the main pollutants and the change of concentration over time. Based on the concentration data, the emission rate and emission characteristics can be determined.

Application of VOC Test Chamber
The VOC test chamber with sampling bag is applicable for car floor, seats, interior decoration and instrument board, etc.

Technical Parameters of VOC Test Chamber
Model Temperature range Humidity range Internal volume (m3)
V-BIR RT+20℃- 90℃/120℃ / 24, 32, 36, 48, 56
V-WT 15℃ - 90℃/120℃ / 21, 24, 32

Structure Features of Sampling Bag Type VOC Test Chamber
1. The test chamber has flame retardant capacity, thanks to the stainless steel cover and PU interlayer.
2. Two types of doors are provided. The sealing door has a size of (1m + 1m) × 1.9m and the observation window utilizes T5 tempered glass. Both door and window are edged with stainless steel. For the double door type, the chamber joint uses stainless steel plates and Teflon tapes.
3. Blinds are used for ventilation.
4. The filtration system utilizes activated carbon primary-efficiency and high-efficiency activated carbon.

Technical Parameters of VOC Test Chamber
When the concentration of VOC is less than 6.0PPM, the sampling bag type VOC test chamber ensures a removal rate of more than 90%. And the final TVOC concentration can be lowered to 0.35 mg/ m3 (350μg/ m3) and the concentration of other volatile organic compounds is as follows:

Background concentration Outlet air: TVOC≤350ug/m3
Benzene ≤15ug/m3 Acetaldehyde ≤15ug/m3
Methylbenzene ≤15ug/m3 Ethylbenzene ≤15ug/m3
Xylene ≤15ug/m3 Formaldehyde ≤15ug/m3
Acetone ≤15ug/m3 Styrene ≤2ug/m3

Schematic diagram

The testing by this VOC test chamber is compliant with the ISO 12219-2:2012(E) standard for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials.

Installation Environment Requirements
1. The equipment cannot be installed near a place with high-concentration VOC emission.
2. 220V 15A power supply is required.
3. The inlet and outlet pipes are offered by our company. Customers need to help us with wall drilling and other auxiliary work.
4. When installing, the fire alarm and sprinkler should be closed temporarily in case for mal-operation.
5. If needed, we can sand the floor below the machine.

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