Odor Test Chamber

The odor test chamber is most often used to determine the storage and usage of electronic products, automotive parts, agricultural materials and leather under high temperature. It's well received in schools, factories, research institutes, military projects and so on.

Technical Parameters of Odor Test Chamber
Model V-0V-216 V-0V-768 V-0V-1000 V-0V-4000 V-0V-8000
Volume (L) 216 768 1000 4000 8000
Property Temperature adjustment range Environment temperature: ±20℃ to +200℃
Temperature fluctuation ≦100℃:0.4℃; ≦200℃: 0.8℃
Temperature deviation ≦100℃:±1.5℃; ≦200℃:±2.0℃
Heat-up time Environment temperature ±20℃ to +200℃
≦40min ≦60min ≦40min ≦60min
Internal dimensions (mm) W600×H600×D600 W830×H1200×D800 W1000×H1000×D1000 W2000×H1000×D2000 W2000×H2000×D2000
External dimensions (mm) W800×H1200×D1295 W1030×H1800×D1495 W1730×H1480×D1275 W2700×H1800×D2750 W2700×H2400×D3200
Temperature and humidity adjustment methods Heated air circulation, air exchange
Environment temperature (0 to +40)℃
Materials Housing Double-side galvanized sheet, plastic coated
Internal surface SUS201/8K stainless steel plates, mirror-smooth surface
Insulation Fiberglass
Regulator Heater Nichrome fin heater
Air door Manual switch (Adjustable open angle)
Fan Axial fan
Display range 0℃ to +210℃
Control method Touchscreen micro-computer controller, PID+SSR
Auxiliary functions Wire detection, over-temperature alarm, malfunction alarm, automatic diagnosis, parameter setting storage
Power (kw) 6 8 9 15 20
Power supply AC380±10%V 50Hz three phase four wire, ground wire
Patented odor box (Optional) The patented box realizes highly precise control over temperature, relative humidity, air speed and air cleanliness. The equipped magnetic valve and flowmeter further ensures stable, scientific and standard odor testing results.

1. All above data are measured under 25 ℃, with continuous operation and no air exchange.
2. The fluctuation parameter is tested in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 standard. As for GB/5170.2-1996 standard, the temperature fluctuation is ±0.2℃, ±0.4℃ and ±0.6℃.
3. The convex part is not counted in the chamber dimensions.
4. Air inlet purifying device is optional, with the machine height increased by 350mm.
5. The standard sampling holes are 4 and 12 holes can be customized.
6. The chamber can also function as an odor test equipment, high-temperature chamber and small-size sampling test

Attractive Characteristics of Odor Test Chamber
1. With the assistance of advanced control, the odor test chamber realizes precision control and adjustment of temperature and air speed, allowing for a proper testing environment.
2. In order to ensure the accuracy of testing results, the test chamber uses low-volatility materials for sealing and welding and clean air for air exchange.
3. Sampling holes. The hole number can be customized.
4. Functional controller

  • Sampling holes
  • Operation interface
  • Operation setting
  • Testing data
  • Program setting
Manufacture Standards
GB/T 2423.2-2001 Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests B: Dry heat
GJB 150.3-1986 High Temperature Test
IEC68-2-2 Test part B: Dry heat
GB 11158 Specifications for High Temperature Test Chambers
GB/T 2423.2 Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests B: Dry heat
QJQ 11052-2010 Odor Test Method for Interiors of Vehicles
MS 300-34 Test Method of Odor for Interior Materials
GB/T18885-2009 Technical Specifications of Ecological Textiles
QB/T2725-2005 Leather-Determination of Odour
GB18401-2003 National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products
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