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VOC Emission Chamber Absorption Problem and Solution

VOC Emission Chamber Absorption Problem
After long-term testing, we found that stainless steel wall possesses a high absorption towards high-boiling point volatile organic compounds (VOC) and polar compounds, which results in an inaccurate testing. Therefore, Simplewell recalled all the 46 sets of uncoated interiors back for upgrading in 2014. From then on, Simplewell no longer produces uncoated (stainless steel) VOC emission chamber. 

VOC Emission Chamber Absorption Solution
Based on the above problem, Simplewell created a new coating for improving the absorption high-boiling point VOC and polar compounds. Experiment shows that tetradecane, 4-Phenyl-1-cyclohexene and other VOC possess a recovery rate of over 80 percent.
This is how Simplewell’s VOC emission chamber’s coated stainless steel materials with a mirror finish look like in a 100x magnification microscope.

The technology about how to deal with the connection surface between VOC emission chamber and the testing object has obtained patents for invention in China, the United State and Japan. Meanwhile, we are still applying for a patent in Europe.
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