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As being a reliable testing equipment manufacturer, Simplewell Technology shows these below outstanding advantages.

1. High Manufacture Standards
Our products are all manufactured in compliance with high standards in China, Japan, Europe and the United States. In particular, the formaldehyde and VOC testing equipment and temperature alarm testing system meet international standards.

2. VOC Emission Test Chambers
The VOC emission chamber is in-house developed and owns its intellectual property. Attractive features include humidity testing technology, dynamic humidity control mode, air purification process, micro positive pressure control, arc design, glass observation window, well-sealed chamber door, special water removal process, long motor life, airflow controller and advanced formaldehyde, ozone and powder removal technique.

3. R&D Strengths
We established harmonious cooperation with famous universities, research institutes and government organizations, such as PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and South China Industrial Design Institute.

4. Rich Experience
Our experience in VOC testing enables us to participate in the draft and establishment of Furniture VOC Emission Test Chamber Standard, Furniture VOC Emission Testing Laboratory Method and Artificial Board and Products VOC Emission Testing Method.

5. Reliable Configurations
A lot of high-quality configurations are introduced from international manufacture companies of the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, France, Germany and Switzerland, including electronic control components, frequency changers, controllers, high-temperature motors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, mass flow controllers, air compressors, refrigerant materials, filter materials, heating devices, refrigeration compressors, humidity testing module and powder and oil filter module.

6. Complete Safety Protection
Our products are manufactured with high-security protection, such as high-voltage and overcurrent protection for refrigeration system, empty running protection for heating device, overcurrent and short circuit protection for motor, over-temperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection for air compressor as well as overcurrent, phase loss and short circuit for power.

7. 40+ Kinds of Project Design
*National and international standards
* ISO9001 Quality Management System
* Famous third-party testing organization

8. Delicate Appearance
*Professional appearance design and manufacture techniques
*Patent protection

9. Excellent Development Capacity
Our products have won many important certificates and patents, including more than 10 patents for VOC testing technique, 3 patents fire alarm testing techniques, 3 patents for automobile parts testing technique, 1 patent for environmental degradation materials, 1 patent for breathalyzer adjusting technique and 2 pending international patents. Moreover, the VOC emission chamber obtained Red Star Design Award and the government innovation fund.

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