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Aging Oven

    1. 91L-1000L High Temperature Aging Oven1. Above parameters are measured when the oven continuously runs, at an ambient temperature of +25℃, with no sample and no air exchange.
      2. The fluctuation parameter is tested in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 standard.
    1. 500 ℃ Aging OvenModel: SSHH-195
      Temperature range: RT+60℃ to 500℃
      Control method: PID+SSR output
    1. Industrial Drying OvenThe high temperature oven is extremely suitable for the reliability tests of electronics, automotive configurations, components, raw materials and so forth. The high temperature industrial oven complies with the GB standard for electronic products.
    1. Ventilation Aging OvenThe ventilation type aging oven is mainly used to accelerate heat deterioration and compare the tensile strength and elongation of electric wires, cables, plastics, insulators and rubber coated parts. By adopting hot air ventilation method, the aging test equipment accelerates the aging of samples, greatly saving the test time.

The high temperature aging test oven provided by Simplewell is to find out the influence of high temperature on product lifespan, thereby estimating the wear and breakage in high-temperature usage. The aging test oven offers great help in the research, development, manufacture and upgrade in electronics, armaments, vehicles, components and so forth.

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