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Car Intercooler Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Application of Intercooler Test Chamber
The testing chamber is mainly used in the intercooler thermal shock tests to see the durability of intercooler as well as test the impacts of alternating temperature on the welding performance and intercooler tubes.

Compliant with QC/T 828-2010 standard, the intercooler test chamber is a good choice for pressure pulse tests and radiator cyclic tests.

Technical Parameters of Intercooler Test Chamber
Low temperature range 10°C to 80°C
High temperature range 80℃ to 300℃
Insulation time 0 to 5min
Temperature control precision ±3℃
Temperature change speed 2 to 15℃/s, adjustable
Test pressure 0 to 300kPa (Precision: ±10kpa), adjustable
Cycle frequency ≥30 times/h
test airflow 300 to 3000kg/h (Precision: ±10kg/h), adjustable
Heat-up time ≤30min
Number of sample 3
Test environment temperature Normal temperature
Sample size (mm) (L)1500× (W)1500× (H)500
Max. weight of intercooler (kg) 50
Max. cooling area (m²) 40
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