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Environment Simulation Climate Chamber

Application of Plant Growth Chamber
The phytotron chamber is a kind of high-precision thermostatic equipment possessing illumination and humidification, leading to an ideal artificial climate experiment environment.

The artificial climate experiment facility is used to grow plants, insects and small animals, culture tissues and breed microorganism. It's also a useful tool when doing BOD test and water analysis. In brief, the artificial climate chamber is a must-have machine in genetic engineering, medical research, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, husbandry, aquatics and so forth.

Technical Parameters of Plant Growth Chamber
Model WTH-NY
Environment temperature 5℃-35℃
Environment humidity ≤90%RH
Temperature adjustment range 10℃-40℃
Humidity adjustment range 40%R.H.-90%R.H.
Temperature deviation ±1℃(±0.5℃)
Humidity deviation ±5%R.H.
Air exchange rate ≥5 times/h,±5%
Air velocity ≤0.5m/s
Power supply AC 380V(±10%)V Three-phase four-wire + ground wire / AC220V / AC110V 50HZ /60HZ
Carbon dioxide range Atmospheric pressure -2000PPM, stability ±50PPM(±))
Illuminating range 40,000 LUX(head lamp),20,000 LUX (culture shelf), can be used alternatively
Luminous intensity adjustment Time-sharing, grading adjustment
Lamps Tri-proof light (water, dust, corrosion resistant), ultraviolet lamp
Cooling method Air cooling/water cooling
Controller Touchscreen human-computer interface, Mitsubishi PLC controller

Outstanding Features of Plant Growth Chamber
With the application of an advanced control system, the environmental test chamber provides various parameter setting options, including temperature, humidity, illumination, carbon dioxides, fertigation, ultraviolet/ozone disinfection, day-night alternation, air exchange and air speed. In addition, the illumination can be chosen from halogen lamp, LED lamp, sodium lamp and fluorescent lamp.

  • Simplewell controller
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment range

Optional Configurations
1. Rotary dehumidifier/ polymeric membrane, with a lowest temperature/ humidity content of 5℃/5 %RH.
2. Built-in tempered glass door, easy to move
3. Water purification system, with automatic replenishment function
4. Recorder, save and print testing data
5. Ultrasonic humidifier/ high-pressure spray humidifier, providing continuous high humidity under extreme temperature
6. Dry air blow system, anti-condensation
7. Remote monitoring function, cellphone and computer supportive

Cooling Equipment

  • TECUMSEH fully hermetic compressor
  • BOCK inverter compressor
  • BITZER semi-hermetic compressor
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