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Air Filter Test System

This testing system simulates the indoor environment and is a significant tool to test and decide the performance of indoor air purifier. This testing chamber is made from stainless steel plates and the internal surface is covered with low-adsorption film, thus ensuring the majority of hazardous gas is absorbed by the chamber. The entire air purifier test system is easy to operate and possesses good sealing and high reliability, applicable for test purifiers of formaldehyde, particles, VOC, ozone, oxynitride, oxysulfide, ammonia gas and more.

Technical Parameters
Simplewell test chamber (Air jacket + coated stainless steel surface) Glass chamber (Metal frame + glass) Stainless steel chamber
Temperature control Air jacket indirectly controls Depending on whether it has external temperature controller Depending on whether it has external temperature controller
Humidity control Indirectly controls temperature, with no water spray Depending on the humidifying mode, whether it has air jacket. For direct humidifying, water spray is easily produced. Depending on the humidifying mode, whether it has air jacket. For direct humidifying, water spray is easily produced.
Sealing performance Good Depending on the sealing technique and sealant. For long-time use, the glass cement is aging, leading to gas leakage. Good
VOC emission of chamber No Yes (Sealing material) No
Dust and VOC adsorption No Little Easy adsorption
Door sealing Patented technology, with no gas leakage Depending on the sealing material Depending on the sealing material
Formaldehyde and methylbenzene test Good Affected by the sealing capacity and VOC released by the chamber Good
Dust test Stable curve graph Stable curve graph Sharp curve graph (means quick absorption)
High boiling point VOC test Stable curve graph, good test result Stable curve graph, with gas leakage. Bad test result Sharp curve graph, bad test result
Influenced by the external environment Little Depending on whether it has air jacket and the cleanliness Depending on whether it has air jacket and the cleanliness
Influenced by sedimentation Little, due to the arc and oblique angle treatment / /
Surface property Good Not bad Terrible
Background concentration TVOC< 150ug/m3 / /
Dust 0.3um dust < 1000/L / /

Technological Innovation
In actual use, the stainless steel is not an ideal material for manufacturing test chamber for it will adsorb some of the gas and affect the final test results. Simplewell finds an innovative solution and covers the stainless steel with a low-adsorption film, reducing the absorption capacity of the stainless steel. At the same time, excellent properties of stainless steel are preserved.

  • Coated stainless steel
  • Mirror-finished stainless steel surface
  • Chamber structure
  • Chamber structure

Main Parts of Material Testing System
A. Climate Chamber
The climate chamber provides a thermostatic and clean environment, conditioning the temperature and ensuring the test stability. The air jacket helps to control the temperature, humidity and cleanliness in the climate chamber, indirectly adjusting the environment in testing chamber.
Buffer room (Optional): Operators/ Instruments/ Maintenance
Temperature control system: Air jacket
Discharging system: Environmental protection
Control system: Control and monitor of air jacket
Door: High toughness and good sealing

B. Test chamber (1 set of 30m3 chamber: W3500×H2500×D3400mm)

C. Test chamber (2 sets of 3 m3 chamber: W1400×H1500×D1400mm)

D. Test chamber (2 sets of 1 m3 chamber: W1000×H1000×D1000mm)

E. Control System
The control system consists two parts, one part for control the entire test equipment and the other part for computer centralized monitoring. Plus, the monitoring part is optional.

F. Reactor and tester (Optional)
1. Cigarettes and particles.
2. Formaldehyde and methylbenzene.

Distinguished Advantage
The surface treatment technology of this testing system won a patent (No.: ZL 201210049393.6) in China and also applied for patent in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Thanks to the superior properties, this air purifier testing system is widely used in many places.

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