Automotive VOC Test Chamber

Application of VOC Test Chamber for Vehicles
The chamber provides standard testing environment or simulates a real environment to test the pollutant emission rate and emission characteristics. Main environmental factors include temperature, relative humidity, illuminance, background concentration and air speed.
1. This vehicle test chamber has numerous fields of application including cars of category M1 and M2, passenger cars (<3.5T), SUVs, MPVs, etc.
2. In addition to standard VOC test chamber, we also provide nonstandard design service for various-size coaches, trucks, buses and more.

Advantages of VOC Emission Test Chamber
The coated stainless steel wall improves the adsorption capacity of test chamber for high-boiling-point materials and polar compounds. The recovery rate of tetradecane and 4-phenyl-1-cyclohexene can achieve more than 80%.

The patent is about how to deal with the connection surface between VOC emission chamber and the testing object. The technology helps to reduce the surface adhesive force, largely reducing VOC’s adhesiveness on chamber’s interior wall. In this way, the testing result of samples stored in the sampling bag is more close to the result of testing object in chamber, and the testing precision of emission chamber is largely improved.

Patent: Circular duct system for automotive VOC test chamber
Improvement: The technology helps to provide VOC test chamber a more uniform gas distribution, allowing a higher VOC testing precision for whole vehicles.

  • Processed stainless steel surface
  • Unprocessed stainless steel surface
Technical Parameters of VOC Test Chamber for Vehicles
Model VA-140
Temperature Adjustment range +20 - +30℃
Adjustment accuracy Fluctuation: ±0.5℃; Deviation: ±1.0℃
Measure accuracy ±0.5℃
Humidity Adjustment range 40-70%R.H.
Adjustment accuracy Deviation: ±5%R.H.
Measure accuracy ±1%R.H.
Air flow Adjustment range 300-1200m3/h
Inside dimensions of chamber L8000×W5000×H3500 mm=140m3
Size of chamber door W 3000× H 2800 mm
Internal pressure of chamber Micro-positive pressure, proportionate to external pressure
Air speed ≤0.3m/s, inlet in the ceiling and outlet at the bottom
Background concentration 1. Benzene< 0.010mg/m3; 2. Methylbenzene≤ 0.02 mg/m3; 3. Xylene≤0.02 mg/m3; 4. Ethylbenzene≤0.02 mg/m3; 5. Styrene≤0.020 mg/m3; 6. Formaldehyde ≤0.02 mg/m3; 7. Acetaldehyde ≤0.01 mg/m3; 8. Acrolein ≤0.01 mg/m3
After operating for 1 hour, the single-component VOC is less than 0.02 mg/m3 and the content is lower than the limited value 10%. The formaldehyde concentration is less than 0.02 mg/m3 and the TVOC concentration is less than 0.2 mg/m3.

The operator first parks the vehicle in the test chamber and then sets all environmental parameters according to actual demands. Finally, he can get a sample and conduct odor analysis.

Manufacture Standards

VOC Detection Method for Japanese JAMA Vehicle (Automotive air conditioning can be started)
HJ/T400-2007 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbonyl Compounds in Cabin of Vehicles
GB/T 28370-2012 Detect Methods for the Air Quality inside Long Distance Coach
VOC Test Methods for German VW PV 3938 Vehicle (Infrared Heating Method)
ISO 12219-1:2012(E) Interior Air of Road Vehicle-Part 1: Whole Vehicle Test Chamber-Specification and Method for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cabin Interiors

Three-dimensional graph

Main Parts of VOC Test Chamber

  • Refrigerating machine set (Humidifying system + Refrigerating system)
  • Infrared overhead light set (Optional)
  • Infrared overhead light set (Optional)
  • cabinet

Control System
The control system is manufactured with a LCD touchscreen (10.4 inch) and a Mitsubishi controller, providing two operation languages (Chinese and English), remote control and touch input. Two operation modes are available, program mode and parameter setting mode.

  • Temperature and humidity adjustment
  • Temperature and humidity adjustment
  • Infrared overhead light set
  • Malfunction alarm

Standard Components
1 set of Sample rack
2 Led lights
1 set of maintenance kit
1 set of off-gas emission hose
1 set of anti-crash bars

Optional Components
1. Cooling water tower
2. Monitoring system, camera
3. Recorder
4. Flame ionization detector
5. Sampling system
6. Operation room

The circulating duct structure of the VOC test chamber for vehicles has obtained patent for invention. The circulating duct structure ensures that gas in the test room of the test chamber is distributed more evenly to effectively improve the test accuracy of VOC test for whole automobile.

The external air conditioner for the VOC test chamber greatly reduces the volume of the test room and facilitates installation, maintenance and replacement. The external air conditioner can filter the volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, biological contaminants and particles. It also completes precise control of air temperature and humidity to better conform to the test environment.

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