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Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber

Application of Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber
1. Test the concentration of VOC and SVOC in materials and products for regular quality control
2. Test radioactive materials
3. Test the content of water steam permeated into the material when temperature changes.
4. Analyze components of essences and spices
5. Confirm technical data of volatile matters and molecular materials
6. Compare characteristics of different products within an effective range
7. Exam properties of prototypes
8. Ensure consistent product quality and property.

Details about Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber

  • Internal structure
  • Chamber cover

Advantages of Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber
1. The coated stainless steel wall improves the adsorption capacity of VOC test chamber for high-boiling-point materials and polar compounds. The recovery rate of tetradecane and 4-phenyl-1-cyclohexene can achieve more than 80%.
2. The micro VOC emission chamber provides standard testing environment and main testing items include VOC concentration, SVOC concentration, water content and so forth.

This micro VOC emission chamber adopts ISO 12219-3:2012 (en) screening method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials-Micro-scale chamber method.

The patent is about how to deal with the connection surface between VOC emission chamber and the testing object. The technology helps to reduce the surface adhesive force, largely reducing VOC’s adhesiveness on chamber’s interior wall. In this way, the testing result of samples stored in the sampling bag is more close to the result of testing object in chamber, and the testing precision of emission chamber is largely improved.

  • Processed stainless steel surface
  • Unprocessed stainless steel surface
Technical Parameters of Micro VOC Emission Test Chamber
Model MV-4 MV-6 MV-8
Environment temperature 5℃- 35 ℃
Environment humidity ≤90%RH
Environment requirement TVOC ≤500ug/m³
Volume Φ64×H 34mm, 116ml
Sample holders 6 (4/6/8 optional)
Temperature adjustment range 60℃- 200 ℃,more than 260 ℃ for high-temperature cleaning
Humidity adjustment range (Optional) 5%RH(65 ℃)
Pressure 10±5pa
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3 ℃
Temperature deviation ±1 ℃
Humidity fluctuation (Optional) ±2.5%RH
Humidity deviation (Optional) 3%
Air exchange rate 10 - 500 times/h, ±5%
Air flow 10-500mL/min
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Start-up power 3kw
Running power 1.5kw
Size of climate chamber W580×D890×H1050mm
Background concentration of formaldehyde Less than 15ug/m³, minimum value: 6ug/m³
Background concentration of VOC Single VOC: less than 2ug/m³, TVOC: less than 20ug/m³
Recovery rate More than 80%
Pressure of air purification system More than 1.0 Mpa
Cooling method Air cooling
Controller Mitsubishi, color touchscreen human-computer interface

We have produced an adjustment device for dynamic adjustment of the air content in the mixing box to effectively control the humidity of the air in mixing box. Micro VOC emission test chamber is the only product in the market that achieves humidity control.

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